The Shoot

Getting ready for the Shoot.

As you enter the real estate market, great photography is what will drive buyers to your listing. OurĀ goal is to set your property apart from the rest and give buyers a great first impression. If you need help staging your home we can recommend a professional who can help you make your home look top notch.

Use this list to make sure everything is in good shape when we come to photograph your home or business.

Front Yard, Back Yard and Exterior

  • Remove vehicles from the driveway and street in front of the house.
  • Mow the lawn, edge and trim.
  • Clean up yard debris and pet waist.
  • Move garbage and recycle cans to the garage.
  • Remove hoses, empty planters and yard tools.
  • Remove toys, basketball goals and other sports equipment.
  • Sweep porch and tidy up outdoor tables and chairs.
  • Make sure water features or fountains are on and running.


  • Turn on all lights.
  • Replace burned out bulbs and bulbs of different color hue.
  • Turn off ceiling fans and make sure they are dusted.
  • Open all window Shades or coverings.
  • Remove personal photographs and replace with art or pictures matching decor.
  • Declutter by removing unnecessary furniture and decorations.
  • Clean all areas of home.
  • Turn TV’s and computer screens Off.
  • Remove papers, magazines and mail.
  • Close closet doors.
  • Remove pet bowls, litter boxes, pet crates.
  • Remove pet hair from furniture.
  • Arrange to conceal pets while photos are being taken.
  • Vacuum carpets so the nap is facing the same direction.


  • Clear counter tops. Put away mixers and other kitchen tools.
  • Remove refrigerator magnets, sticky notes and pictures.
  • Conceal garbage can in pantry or closet.
  • Space dining room chairs and setup a center piece with flowers.
  • Dust and polish appliances.


  • Make sure sinks are clean and mirrors are spotless.
  • Remove all items from counter, soaps, toothbrush caddies etc.
  • Remove medications.
  • Put out best towels and hand towels.
  • Put toilet seats down.


  • Make the beds.
  • Remove laptop and phone chargers.
  • Remove personal items from night stands and dressers.
  • Clean under the beds or insure bed skirts are in place.